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What started as a passion for serving our friends and family the best southern barbecue resulted in us opening our first Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, restaurant in 1992. One shop became two, until suddenly we had smokehouses throughout the American barbecue belt. It wasn't long before people wanted to take a bit of our special brand of hospitality home with them and before we knew it we were bottling our sauces for stores across the country.

Although we instill each bottle of Sticky Fingers with the flavors of the region that inspired it, we also use the taste to tell the larger tale of American Southeast cooking. Always authentic and delicious, we encourage you to enjoy it often and in good company. After all, who you share it with is as important as what you put it on.

Sticky Fingers Sauces does not provide restaurant, bar or catering services. For information regarding the STICKY FINGERS ® Restaurants, please see www.stickyfingers.com.

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Our collection represents the best of southern barbecue.

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